Imprographic founded by Piotr Damasiewicz it is the linear structure of improvised european free jazz within the frames of contemporary classical composition techniques. ImproGraphic performs compositions intentionally influenced by the compositional forms applied and representatives of the avant-garde composers. Punctualism, serialism, aleatoric and sonoristic concepts, as well as graphic sheet music form a structure for free jazz improvisation.

at Alchemia 12.09.2012 review :

Piotr Damasiewicz is a young polish trumpet player whose interest in music is to bring mathemathical methodical approach of some of the modern music toward the unpredictability of free jazz improvisation (for more of that, check his ambitious debut album "Hadrons").Concert in Alchemia was a part of a short tour with his new quartet starring Gerad Lebik, Jakub Mielcarek and Gabriel Ferrandini, the tour is to result in a cd realese.

The quartet played a focused, restrained set. Damasiewicz squeezed thin, squeeky notes are well balanced by rough and full bodied Lebik's tenor and the rhythm sections provides colour and intensity and dense texture. Ferrandini's playing is like volcano once they get off and there's a chance to see that during a paricularly fiery trio section with rough on the edges and expressive tenor solo. Quartet's blend of more minimalistic, methodical linear improvisation and free-jazz calculus of improbabiltiy is definitely intriguing and rewarding a close attention.

Bartek Adamczak