Pixel Klange is a premiere hybrid arts co-production of the Wrocław festival Avant Art and the Dortmund organisation Mex – intermediale und experimentelle Musikprojekte and Gerngesehen from Koln. This is a co-operation ( of composers, performers and musicians focused around the Koln-based scene of sound art, experimental music and theatre with the Polish circle of musicians creating in the broadly understood idiom of contemporary and improvised music. The expanded vocal and performative techniques used by the performer Betina Wenzel, the language of movement and modern performance of the duo „cri du coeur“, led by Fina Kwiatkowski and Willehad Grafenhorst, sound objects and art of hans w koch, modular synthesis, circuit-bending and synth-design in MAX/MSP of Joker Nies, wind instruments, saxophone and wave generators of Gerard Lebik, self-prepared piano and trumpet of Piotr Damasiewicz, symphonic percussion instruments from the idiophone group used by Wojtek Romanowski – it all are components, sound sources and techniques used in the intermedial searches of the unpredictability on all planes of a composition, being created as part of the first encounter of artists at this year’s Avant Art Festival.


    •Bettina Wenzel - voice


•hans w. koch - electronics


• Joker Nies - electrononics, field recordings, circuit bending


    •        Gerard Lebik - electronics


•Piotr Damasiewicz - trumpet, piano


•Wojciech Romanowski - drums