Morihide SAWADA Gerard Lebik Duo

Morihide SAWADA

... was born in 1963 in Japan.

Since 1980, started to play his own music. He studied  electrical engineering in  university. His first job was an editor of  a music magazine that specializes in progressive rock. After that, he was working as a sound engineer, and he sometimes played drums with diffrent bands.

In 2006, SAWADA played drums as a member of  a psychedelic rock band. Since that time, he sometimes play in Europe.

He started solo performance "snare drum solo" since September 2011. Its music has received strong influence mostly from traditional folk music and minimalism.

 past collaborations ----

Faust, Damo Suzuki, Charles Hayward, Z’EV, Geoff Leigh, Chris Cutler, Cathy Heyden, Cat Hope, Lindsay Vickery, Jérôme Fouquet, Keiji Haino, Andrea Valvini, Nathalie Forget, Thomas Zunk, Zn'shñ, Oran, Go Tsushima, Yumi Hara, Gerard Lebik ...


current projects ----

snare drum solo

Shizuku Aosaki + SAWADA

Feather and Envelope


concert series (as an organizer) ----

chamber music of acoustic and electronics