FOTON group came into existence as a result of a monochromatic heliography process. The appliance of this process on an acoustic jazz and free improvisation quartet playing original improvised music lead to creating a new  conception of sound and form granting equal rights to both improvisations and permanent elements of composition.

Group  in it's actual shape appeared  in 2008 performing mostly on local jazz scene of Wrocław, Poland and comprises tenor saxophone and contra alto clarinet player Gerard Lebik known for his work with Slug Duo and Emerge, trumpeter Artur Majewski working with duo Mikrokolektyw, bassist Jakub Cywinski being active in a circle of improvised and classical music in London and one of the finest polish drummers of young generation, native of city Bygdoszcz - Wojciech Romanowski.

Their record debut "Zomo Hall" picturizes  Wroclaw's improvised and jazz music scene where all members of the group meet in various music setups.The album released by NotTwo Records has been enthusiastically reviewed by critics around the globe.

gerard lebik - tenor sax,bass clarinet artur majewski - trumpet jakub cywinski - bass wojciech romanowski - drums CD

# foton start up 2002

# foton zomo hall  2010 Note Two Records

"I suggest if you are interested in something new and creative--do yourself a favour and pick up Zomo Hall. Highly Recommend!"

(Stephan Moore, jazzwrap.blogspot)

"...sometimes I wonder just how many gifted improvisers known & unknown are there around the world... hundreds? thousands? even more? There seems like an endless supply as more independent label emerge and release so many interesting discs. Take this disc, for instance...

(...) In a blindfold test, you would certainly come up with numerous more famous musicians but you wouldn't be too far from this does sound like."

(Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery)

"here is nothing like pure and free musicality, flowing notes moving slowly forward, embracing one another in a common one-directional stream, yet totally unpredictable like the water sliding between rocks in a mountain river. So is this music. (...) The most stunning aspect of the music is its great natural and organic sound, as if every note grows out of the previous one, without the need to demonstrate skill or use special effects or to be different in form. And the end result is skillful, and special, and different ... as the result of talent and creative vision. Extremely beautiful! The year has only just begun, and this is to me already a strong contender for the best of the year lists."


(...)None of the participants are well-known outside their home country, but that might not stay the case for long, based on their strength as a unit; full of sensitive listening which puts the group first, there is empathy in abundance here(...)

( Jonn Sharpe  All About Jazz )

foto @ wasyl 2007