sound isn't of human origin - Gebriel Ferrandini - drums, Gerard Lebik - electronics, pure data. `electroacoustic structural improv based on radical noise osmossis,

Gebriel Ferrandini - He really is the image of the universal music he plays. Born in Monterey, California, Gabriel Ferrandini (23 years old) is the son of a Portuguese father born in Mozambique but relocated to Brasil with only 2 years of age, and of a Brasilian mother with Italian ascendecy migrated to the United States in her teenage years. This "citizen of the world" lives in Portugal since he was 9 years old, and it was in this European country where, ironically, he discovered jazz and the practice of improvisation. This fact is explained by the richness of the jazz and improvised Portuguese music scene, with already big repercussions in the world - as we verify knowing that a Portuguese discographic company, Clean Feed, was chosen by the online journal All About Jazz as Label of the Year in 2008. This is the context where the young musician is firming is name as one of the most important drummers around. With Rodrigo Amado's Motion Trio, Red Trio, Nobuyasu Furuya Trio, and the electro-acoustic / noise band Flu, or playing in ad-hoc formations with Rob Mazurek, Alberto Pinton, Alfred "23" Harth, Raymond Strid, and David Stackenas, among others, is presence is strongly felt. Ferrandini has a very personal view of the work with a pair of sticks, somewhere between Paul Lytton and Paal Nilssen-Love, and that makes all the difference. As the magazine wrote, "the future waits for him".