ZOPAN - sound structure, using relation between elementary components of generated sound and  electroacoustic phenomena. Sine, rectangle, sawtooth wave, white noise, laboratory apparatus to testing of logical systems type Zopan KZ 1406 are the sound source..

Audible range of the waves emitted by function generators type:  ZOPAN KZ 1406 0.0005 Hz-100 kHz, produced in the 80's by the Polish Institute of Scientific Equipment Manufacturing, was used to create sound on this CD. The starting material are pure components: sine, rectangle, sawtooth wave, white noise occasionally used in amplitude AM, frequency and FM modulation dependency,  forming small variations between the clear signals arranged in small distances, eg:

SIN 152.7 Hz, SQ 120.6 Hz, SAW 70.3 Hz, SQ 62.5 Hz

Modulations AM and FM:

KZ 1406/1 FM 152.7 Hz sine-> 70.3 Hz sawtooth

KZ 1406/2 AM 120.6 Hz square -> 62.5 Hz square

Study of dependence between pure tones emphasizes the basic assumptions of the sound generated and refers to the first experiments with conversion of electric waves to audible sounds. All pieces were recorded live during the session in which five devices of Zopan KZ 1406 tape were used in real-time.